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PRGF® Facial Rejuvenation “Vampire Facial”
Prices from Three course treatment from £1800

Vampire Facial | A Natural Treatment For Reducing Wrinkles & Regenerating Skin

PRGF® or Plasma Rich in Growth Factors technology is the most advanced cosmetic treatment which uses growth factors (platelets) from the patient’s own blood to stimulate and repair skin naturally.

No external additives are used in this treatment, effective for wrinkle reduction and increasing brightness and hydration within the face.

As we get older, our skin naturally begins to sag and drop, much of the colour and luminosity our skin once held can be seen to fade and in some cases turn into a grey hue.

No matter how many creams, serums or facial oils you may use, reducing wrinkles and achieving a glowing look can feel like an impossible task, leaving many men and women feeling demotivated and lacking in confidence. Thanks to the plasma rich in growth factors technology, we can now help you achieve a more youthful and smooth appearance without the use of external additives.

We offer a course of three PRGF® treatments for £1800, this will ensure you will achieve the best result possible. We allow a period of three weeks between each treatment.

The procedure works by first taking some blood from the patient, in the same way that blood would be collected for a blood test. Once this has been extracted, our lab technicians will place your blood into a centrifuge. We then numb the face with an anesthetic cream and begin placing the growth factors back into key areas of the face.

In many ways the PRGF® procedure is the most natural cosmetic option available as it is 100% autologous, this means that the treatment only uses growth factors which have come from your blood and as a result production of Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Keratin are dramatically increased. The direct benefits of increased levels of Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Keratin:

Benefits from increased collagen production as a result of growth factor stimulation:
– Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles

Benefits from increased Hyaluronic acid as a result of growth factor stimulation of your own cells:
– Increased volume and hydration hence more youthful appearance

Benefits from increased Keratin production:
– Keeps the skin’s outer layer strong and elastic. Again contributing to a youthful appearance.


Other Benefits of PRGF® Treatment

– Results can last up to two years
– Reduces wrinkles and lines
– 100 % Autologous
– Effective for dark circles
– Regeneration of skin
– Brightening of facial skin
– Completely bio-compatible and safe
– No changes to facial expression
– Very little downtime

  • Who is this treatment for?

    We suggest using this treatment as a preventative method to slow the ageing process from the age of 30 – 35. We also suggest using the treatment for corrective and restorative purposes from the age of 45-50.

  • Who carries out the treatment?

    The treatment is carried out by Dr. Bita Fox. Dr. Fox has 18 years of experience, qualifying in dentistry in 1999 and gaining her Masters in Science (MSc) in aesthetic dentistry in 2014.

    Dr. Fox, as trained with some of the most well-known doctors who have had their techniques in facial
    rejuvenation published in medical journals such as the MASH technique with PDO threads and the 8 points
    facial lift technique.

  • Will the treatment hurt?

    Before the treatment, we will apply a numbing cream. It is unlikely that you will feel any discomfort during the procedure, you will feel the needle move in and out of your skin, this may feel slightly strange.

  • How many treatments will I require?

    We offer a three course treatment, each course will be separated by three weeks to help gain the best results.

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