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Want straighter teeth without wearing metal braces? Come to Infinity Aesthetics for treatment with the world famous Invisalign

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Invisalign in Bedford

It is near impossible in the modern world of social media to avoid images of celebrities with straight, white smiles. While this can be providing a confidence boost for those people blessed with perfectly aligned teeth, it can also cause a lack of confidence for those whose teeth are a little crooked or crowded.

Of course, many adults today, believe that the only way to get straight teeth is to wear a metal brace, which, with modern dental techniques, is simply not true.

At Infinity Aesthetics, our team can provide you with a wide array of treatment options to help you get that straighter smile and are proud to be able to offer suitable patients Invisalign in Bedford.

What are the main advantages in choosing Invisalign in Bedford? Below are our top 5 reasons, so read on to find out.


With the modern world, no one wants to undertake any medical procedure that causes an inconvenience to their life, even if it is an aesthetic or functional one.

Invisalign in Bedford offers convenience as one of its main benefits; wearers can take it out to eat, drink or when they are brushing their teeth. The brace requires minimal maintenance to keep it functional and is easy to clean.


The aligner is custom fitted to your teeth and is made from a flexible, clear plastic, there is no protruding metal to poke your inner cheek or tongue.

This allows for higher levels of comfort while wearing the brace and allows wearers to sleep with it in, without issue.


This aligner falls under the orthodontic group of braces, known as ‘invisible’, for a reason. As it is made with a clear plastic, it is unnoticeable to the naked eye, meaning your friends, family and colleagues will have to have it pointed out in order to spot it.

This offers you the opportunity to get on with your life without worrying about people looking at your teeth for the wrong reasons.


You want your straighter smile in the fastest time possible- who wouldn’t?

With this invisible aligner, your total treatment time will be substantially shorter than with many of the more commonly used aligners on the market. On average, from fitting to conclusion, the treatment time with this aligner is between nine to fifteen months, making it an incredibly fast way to straighten your teeth.


Of course, many patients worry about the cost of such a treatment.

As our team at Infinity Aesthetics want all of our patients to have straight, white teeth, we can offer you a range of payment plans, to help you spread the cost of this treatment over several months, meaning all you have to worry about is showing off your gleaming, straighter smile.

Want more information about our invisible braces? Call a member of our friendly team today to book your free consultation with us.