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Polishing up on teeth whitening in Bedford

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Teeth Whitening in Bedford

Helping you shine

Here at Infinity Aesthetics, we have an excess of 20 years first hand experience working within the fields of facial rejuvenation and cosmetic dentistry, and are firmly committed to ensuring our patients look their very best. We understand the various social pressures which may arise from having stained or discoloured teeth, and as such we provide a comprehensive range of teeth whitening in Bedford, which aims to allow patients to shine to their fullest potential, and smile like they ought to. Today, thanks to major advancements in dental science and innovation, patients can now safely enjoy a whiter and more healthy looking smile with true greatest of ease.

Shine like the sun

Those seeking teeth whitening in Bedford, can rest assured that our trained and professional staff here at Infinity Aesthetics will be on hand to guide them through each stage of their treatment journey, and ensure they get the smile they deserve. We offer various forms of teeth whitening in Bedford here, as well as home whitening kits. Each method depends on the needs and requirements of each individual patient, and which form of treatment they feel best fits their desired outcome. The process of undertaking any tooth whitening method from us here at Infinity Aesthetics initially involves a brief, informal, no-obligation consultation. This is in place to establish the patient’s needs and requirements, as well as to assess the extent of treatment that is necessary and which method of treatment our teeth whitening specialists feel is best suited to them. The various cost structures, and the time scale of the various procedures are also covered during this consultation, and it is only once the patient feels comfortable and well informed the actual whitening procedure begins.

Brightening things up

The process of undertaking teeth whitening from us initially consists of a custom mould being generated of the patient’s teeth. This is done through the utilisation of some of the most innovative rendering methodologies available within dentistry, and allows for a perfectly accurate mould of each individual patient’s teeth to be created. Thereafter, the custom made tray is filled with a peroxide bleaching agent and is then fitted snugly over the patient’s teeth. When worn over the duration of treatment, which is often less than an hour, the bleaching agent eradicates years of detrimental damage to teeth that has come about through smoking, drinking red wine, coffee, tea, or taking certain medications.

No place like home

Alternatively, we offer two forms of home whitening treatments. These involve the patient taking their custom made tray home with them, and applying a bleaching agent to their teeth at a time which is convenient to them. Typically, these treatments take around two weeks until the effects become clearly visible, although it depends on the extent of treatment necessary. One of the main advantages to the home whitening system is that it affords users to undertake the whitening process at a time which is convenient to them, such as when sleeping, so they can achieve the smile of their dreams, whilst they dream.