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What you should know when considering professional teeth whitening in Bedford

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Teeth Whitening in Bedford

For patients self-conscious about the appearance of their teeth, Infinity Aesthetics provides professional teeth whitening in Bedford. This is a cosmetic treatment aimed at improving less than perfect smiles. The natural process of ageing sees the colour of teeth darken over time. Discolouration is also a result of drinking beverages like red wine, tea and coffee and eating colourful foods that are well known for staining teeth. Sometimes normal brushing of teeth alone cannot  remove stains as some stains go deeper into the tooth, beyond the outer enamel layer. Professional teeth whitening treatments remain the safest and most effective method to brighten and whiten teeth.

DIY products or a professional service?

When choosing to whiten teeth, the main consideration is how well it will work.  With so many products and services available – some DIY and others in surgery – navigating one’s way to the best option can be overwhelming. Products dedicated to brightening teeth include: whitening strips, whitening trays, Blue LED whitening appliances and in surgery whitening treatments. For great results in teeth whitening in Bedford, Infinity Aesthetics has trained professionals and quality products to provide lasting benefits.

In-office treatments are safe and are less complicated for patients who do not have the time to figure out how to use DIY kits or the patience to wait for a week or two to see a visible difference in colour.  In approximately an hour of an in-office treatment, teeth can already look up to five shades lighter than before treatment.

In addition to an aesthetically enhanced appearance, other advantages of having teeth professionally whitened include:


What to expect after a teeth bleaching procedure

Depending on the type of whitening procedure used, some patients may experience tooth sensitivity. These symptoms are temporary and should not last for more than a few hours. To ease sensitivity symptoms, patients are urged to stay away from hot and cold beverages and foods.

Further treatment sessions and follow up care may be required. Patients can ensure that the whitening effects last by avoiding those behaviours that caused staining in the first place: be vigilant in eating the right foods to maintain healthy teeth, reduce consumption of teeth staining beverages like dark coloured fizzy drinks, caffeine, tea and red wine and avoid tobacco use.

Before opting for a whitening procedure, patients should consider whether there are any dental problems that need to be fixed first. Issues such as tooth decay, if not treated first, will pose serious complications later.

Do you favour close lipped smiles because you’re embarrassed about the colour of yellow or stained teeth? Smile a wider and brighter smile with our teeth brightening treatments at Infinity Aesthetics. Schedule a consultation to determine if this is the right course for you.