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Invisalign in Bedford

If you are looking for Invisalign in Bedford, then look no further than Infinity Aesthetics. We will be able to provide a comprehensive service for you, that will give you straight teeth in no time at all. Whether your treatment is part of general dentistry, or for cosmetic reasons, we will be able to assist you, and advise you on whether Invisalign is the right treatment for you.

What is Invisalign, and how do I get it?

Invisalign works by using a series of plastic braces to adjust your teeth. Before any treatment is administered, you will have a consultation, where we will be able to determine whether you are eligible for the treatment. If your teeth are severely crooked, then Invisalign may not work, and if you are a teenager, or your teeth are still growing then you may also not be eligible. Therefore, the consultation is important, as we will be able to advise you on how efficient Invisalign will be. At Infinity Aesthetics, it is our priority to ensure that you are receiving the most efficacious treatment possible. If the current treatment, or the treatment you feel that you need is not the correct one, we will advise you straight away, and give you several other options for you to choose from.

How does Invisalign work?

After your initial consultation, you will have a series of plastic braces made for you, to be replaced every two weeks. The braces will be moulded from a scan of your teeth and shaped to match a projection of your teeth perfectly aligned. The braces will be closer each time to the final result, until your teeth will be able to fit into the final brace. The duration of Invisalign treatment all depends on the condition of your teeth and how crooked they are, as more crooked teeth will take longer to adjust and will need more braces. If you are looking for Invisalign in Bedford, then Infinity Aesthetics has an appropriate programme available for you.

What are the benefits of Invisalign?

There are many benefits to Invisalign, all of which we will cover in your consultation, and can also answer if you contact us directly. You may also be referred for Invisalign if you are looking for certain cosmetic dental results. The main benefit of Invisalign is that it is virtually invisible when on your teeth. This is because the plastic used for the braces is transparent, meaning that most people will not be able to tell that you are undergoing dental treatment. This is an important factor for adults who may be concerned about their treatment and may not want a set of fixed braces or anyone noticing that they are undergoing treatment. Another benefit of Invisalign is that you will not have to sacrifice any eating habits, as the brace can be easily removed and reattached. If you need Invisalign in Bedford, then do not hesitate to contact Infinity Aesthetics, and we will be able to give you all the advice and treatment that you need.