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What does the Invisalign treatment involve? – Six facts you should know

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The most widely known fact about the clear plastic aligner system that straightens teeth is that it is a popularly discreet treatment when compared to fixed orthodontic devices.

The benefits of wearing plastic aligner trays offers highly sought after aesthetic benefits as well as a few surprising ‘blessings in disguise’. If you are considering opting for Invisalign in Bedford, here is what you should know.

  1. Plastic aligners need to be worn to be effective

One of the challenges experienced by patients is the willpower to wear their teeth-straightening device for the recommended amount of time. For Invisalign trays this means wearing them for 22 hours a day for optimal results. The only times the aligners should be removed is to eat and before brushing and flossing teeth. Removing them for any other reason may result in the cosmetic treatment being ineffective.

  1. Perfect treatment for minor teeth misalignment issues

Patients with moderately crooked teeth or simple misalignment issues see satisfactory results in minimal time. There are, however, some limitations when it comes to what removable plastic aligners can do. More severe orthodontic cases may require other types of treatment. It is best to check with our Invisalign-trained professional to discuss your particular situation and whether Invisalign in Bedford is the best cosmetic treatment for you.

  1. Teeth should be cleaned every time you eat when wearing aligner trays

As remarkable as these plastic aligner trays are, it does mean patients have to spend extra time and effort to clean teeth after eating and before putting the trays back on. Brushing teeth is an indispensable part of the treatment. Not brushing will compromise the health of teeth and gums and may affect the treatment as trapped food in between teeth poses a challenge to move teeth into alignment.

  1. Avoid drinking teeth-staining beverages

Patients opting for aligner trays should avoid, or, at best, limit consuming beverages that are likely to stain teeth. These beverages include: coffee, tea and alcoholic drinks such as red wine. If you do enjoy these beverages, try to drink them when having your meals as you will be brushing teeth after eating and drinking.

  1. Weight loss may be coincidental

A spin-off benefit for some patients is the weight lost during treatment. As patients have a limited allotted time to remove aligner trays during the day, there is no luxury of leisurely meal times. Patients may also choose to forgo snacks between meals as they prefer to avoid the inconvenience of having to removing aligner trays every time they want to eat something.

  1. Be realistic in your expectations

Since its introduction the clear aligner tray system has become a viable option for many patients looking for a comfortable and discreet teeth-straightening treatment. We do advise our patients that teeth-straightening is a process that is dependent on time and the nature of individual misalignment cases.

For more information on what this removable clear aligner system can do for you. Book a consultation at Infinity Aesthetics today.