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How do I know if Invisalign is right for me?

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Invisalign in Bedford

We love the fact we are able to provide our patients with the opportunity to create the smile they have always dreamed of having. A makeover is never really complete without some attention being given to one of the most beautiful gifts that you can share with the world.

A smile says much more than any amount of words can, and your smile is unique and yours alone. If you are embarrassed about how your smile looks, we would love to be able to help you to create one that reflects who you are on the inside.

Invisalign in Bedford is a discreet and efficient way to permanently correct your crooked, cramped or gapped teeth so that you can put aside those fears of being judged unconsciously on your intelligence, trustworthiness or attractiveness purely on the arrangement of your teeth.

Otherwise known as invisible teeth aligners, Invisalign in Bedford offer you the chance to enjoy wearing clear and sometimes removable straightening appliances on your teeth that are flexible enough to fit around a working person’s demanding schedule. These aligners are often a favoured option for adults who have professional careers and do not feel particularly comfortable with the other teeth straightening options that are available to them.

The technology behind the treatment is well researched and tried and tested by millions of happy patients, it often gives them the advantage of having a much shorter treatment time when compared to other systems, depending on their own personal circumstances.

How does it work?

The aligners are made of a clear, hard wearing plastic that has been digitally moulded to fit the shape of your teeth. Every 2 weeks, you are expected to wear a different set of aligners that are made to gently push your teeth into their correct position.

With the advanced technology, you can rest assured that each movement has been digitally exacted to ensure optimal results with maximum comfort in mind. Each new aligner that you wear brings you that much closer to the smile you have always dreamed of having.

Being removable, you are able to remove the aligners to eat, an advantage over other systems that restrict the kinds of foods that you are able to munch. You simply need to brush your teeth before wearing the aligners again to minimise any bad odours and prevent a build up of food  remaining on your teeth.

It is important to wear the aligners for a minimum of 20 hours every day in order to see the expected results in the minimal time frame.

We would love to take the opportunity to remind you that straighter teeth are healthier teeth, so you are not only cosmetically enhancing the appearance of your teeth, but you are allowing yourself easier access to hard to reach places and reducing the chance of injury to your teeth by having them aligned in the right position.

We look forward to you getting in touch with us to help you along this journey to a more beautiful and healthier smile with Invisalign in Bedford.