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How can Invisalign in Bedford treatment help you?

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Invisalign in Bedford

Infinity Aesthetics offers effective treatments using Invisalign in Bedford. For patients looking for a straighter smile, the introduction of invisible plastic aligner trays that are easy to remove and maintain, and which causes minimal lifestyle disruptions, is a welcome one. A top reason for the popularity of the treatment is the aesthetically pleasing results produced with many patients happy with their newly acquired properly aligned teeth.

When teeth are not properly aligned (fitting together), this can give rise to a number of dental problems. Patients can experience problems with teeth, teeth break more frequently, crowns fall out and pain is experienced when biting on food. Problems with gums and jaw muscles may also occur. The gum line may recede leading to tooth loss and a lot more stress is placed on muscles in the jaw resulting in muscle spasms or headaches. In addition to all this, teeth that are out of line or crowded present difficulties in eating and chewing food properly.

Are you a suitable candidate for removable teeth correcting aligners?

The treatment solution can be applied to many teeth misalignment conditions and has offered success for patients looking to:

Teeth misalignment issues are not only cause for concern for dental health, but can also detract from showing off a winning smile. In correcting these issues, the goal is to reposition teeth in the desired position and aligner trays that are continuously adjusted help in achieving this goal.

For many patients, straightening their teeth can be a quick process when using the plastic aligner system. The average length of time taken for the treatment to work is between six to 12 months. To get started on Invisalign in Bedford, we ask our patients to arrange a consultation at our clinic with an Invisalign-trained professional. A personalised treatment plan is then provided and the patient is informed on the treatment process step-by-step that will transform their smile. The patient will then have to approve of the plan before a set of aligner trays are custom made.

For the aligners to do their job effectively, patients on the treatment will have to ensure they wear the aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours a day. Aligners can be removed during eating and when cleaning teeth and gums. A new set of trays will be periodically issued – trays need to be adjusted gradually so that they can gently move teeth into place without causing any harm.

For more information on how plastic aligner trays can help improve your smile, please book an appointment at Infinity Aesthetics.