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The Vampire Facial

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Vampire Facial


Sounds pretty Gothic right? It is a gruesome process, and like vampires it involves blood. Highly popularised by celebrity figure Kim Kardashian, the Vampire facial has caused quite a stir in the world of beauty. Despite its name and its use of blood, The Vampire Facial (PRGF Facial Rejuvenation) is one of the scarce treatments that are free of chemicals and has no chance of allergic reactions because guess what? It just uses your blood!

What is The Vampire Facial?

This treatment is designed to rejuvenate the skin. It smooths out wrinkles, clears away dark spots and dark circles and gives your skin what it needs to get back its natural radiance. Whether it’s to slow the ageing process or to brighten your skin, the Vampire Facial is suitable for anyone and everyone!

The Vampire Facial gets its name from the way it works. The treatment begins by drawing blood in the same way its done for general blood tests. The blood is then processed in a centrifuge, separating the red blood cells from Plasma Rich Growth Factors(PRGF)/Platelets(PRP). This concentrated sample of growth factors is then topically injected into the face. Our body produces the growth factors to tackle healing and repairs among other skin issues and so when these are injected they perform the miracle of naturally rejuvenating the skin.

Although it sounds a bit gory and painful, it isn’t. The physician applies a numbing cream and the needle used to inject growth factors is relatively small so the pain won’t be unbearable. The Vampire Facial requires a couple of sessions depending on the individual and varies in cost across different providers.

While the Vampire Facial may not be something everyone is willing to try, there is no doubt that it would be brilliant for taking spooky pictures to terrify your friends and family the way Kim did on her Instagram!