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Significantly reduce the effects of acne

Acne causes sufferers a lot of misery, not least because over-the-counter products never seem to work. Dr. Bita Fox offers a number of effective treatments to reduce the effects of acne. Chemical skin peels will cause the top, acne-covered layer of your skin to peel away to reveal fresher skin underneath, while dermal fillers and skin needling can greatly reduce the scarring caused by acne.

Effective professional treatment

As each individual case of acne is different, Dr. Bita Fox will assess your skin during an initial consultation with a view to providing some recommendations on what will work best for you. Highly trained in facial aesthetics and experienced in treating skin conditions, she will advise you on how you can best achieve clearer, acne free skin.

  • How does skin needling help acne scars?

    Skin needling stimulates new collagen growth and collagen is key in repairing skin to make it look fresher and firmer.

  • Which treatment would best suit my condition?

    Every patient is assessed individually. During your consultation with Dr. Bita Fox, you will discuss which treatment will give you the best results.

  • How soon after treatment will I notice a difference?

    If you’re having a skin peel, the top layer of your skin will begin peeling a few days after treatment. When the damaged layer peels off, you will see the fresher, less scarred skin underneath. The results of skin needling will be noticeable 6 to 8 weeks after treatment and the effects of dermal fillers are visible straight away.

  • Which skin peel is best for acne?

    Dr. Bita Fox offers lighter superficial peels which contain glycolic acid and slightly deep peels, which are more effective. Mandelic peels are great for acne, Salicylic acid peel works well for mild to moderate acne owing to the anti-bacterial effects, but it's best to decide which peel will best suit your individual skin condition when you have your initial consultation. For acne, it is worth knowing that the condition is of multi-factorial origin and
    too often it is a case of addressing all factors such as the bacteria as well as the sebum etc. This is usually done by focusing on dietary habits, stress reduction, skin care choices (think sebum reduction), smoking cessation as well as attacking the acne with an appropriate line of chemical peel. The approach at infinityaesthetics is very much holistic.

  • How long will the treatment last?

    The effects of the peel can last for a couple of months but it depends on the individual. With skin needling, collagen will continue to be stimulated for 6-8 months and dermal fillers can be topped up every 6-12 months.

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